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English plays a pivotal role across the school curriculum and the world at large. Over the two key stages, every Ruskin student will receive a rich and varied diet of English Language and Literature delivered in a challenging and engaging manner. It is our aim within the department to consistently:

Consider every student’s individual learning needs and accommodate accordingly to allow every student to make expected progress.

To challenge and engage all students in lessons ensuring sufficient breadth and depth of content to stretch the most able as well as allow all pupils to make good progress.

Assess students’ progress regularly, (in line with school policy) and to monitor progress using relevant data to inform planning and set personal learning targets.

To monitor and track every students’ progress regularly and put in meaningful intervention strategies if necessary to ensure good progress for all.

Encourage students to develop a life-long love and enthusiasm for language and literature in all forms.

Enable students to become both critical and creative in their thinking, reading and writing through the development of the skills and resources they will need to succeed in an increasingly literate and multimodal world.

Encourage a knowledge, understanding, appreciation and tolerance of the multicultural and multi-ethnic society and world in which we live.


  • Miss Allcock
  • Miss Farrington
  • Mr Hartley (Year 7 Achievement Manager)
  • Miss Lucas
  • Mrs Rankin (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs Robson (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs Simmons (2nd in English)
  • Mrs Walklate
  • Miss Webb

Support Staff

  • Mrs Hamilton – Intervention


Unit 1: Transition unit and Modern Novel

Unit 2: Introduction to 19th Century Fiction

Unit 3: Multicultural Poetry

Unit 4: Creative writing

Unit 5: World Politics (Exam Preperation)

Unit 6: Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Year 8

Unit 1 and 2: Noughts and Crosses

Unit 3: Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

Unit 4: Gothic Horror Creative Writing

Unit 5: The world around us (Exam Preperation)

Unit 6: Love and Relationships Poetry

Year 9

Unit 1:Of Mice and Men

Unit 2: Non-Fiction Unit

Unit 3: Blood Brother

Unit 4:GCSE Power and conflict poetry

Unit 5: An Inspector Calls – an introduction

Unit 6: An Inspector Calls (Exam Preperation)

Overview of Key Stage 4

Year 11

All students will follow the EDUQAS GCSE English Language course. This comprises of a spoken language element,, alongside reading comprehension and writing across two exam papers.

Year 10

All students will follow the AQA English Literature course, taking the examination at the end of year 10. This comprises of a Shakespeare play, Poetry, a 19th Century novel and a modern text accross two exams papers.


We provide a range of enriching experiences for students to extend their vision of the arts. Writers and poets are invited to perform and run workshops for students. These successful events are regularly arranged by our Library Manager who actively supports the English Department. Students can attend Creative Writing Club; they are often entered in writing competitions and enjoy being successful in this.

Any other information

The English department is keen for all students to achieve well and we have a designated programme of intervention for those who require it. Some students are given special circumstances.