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Gifted And Talented


Our school will have, at any time, a number of extremely talented or gifted students, some of whom may perform at a level which well exceeds the level of others in their class or that expected for the children in their age group. This may be in one or more areas of learning. Their performance will exceed that of above average attainers. We believe that we can make a difference in enabling these pupils to achieve the greatest possible progress whilst still keeping with normal school life. Our definition of ability recognises academic, practical, creative, musical, physical, sporting and social performance. It also recognises that a child may possess this potential although performance may not currently reflect this.


We aim to ensure a consistent approach to the identification and support of the very able or gifted child through:

An agreed, shared definition of terms, ‘talented’ and ‘gifted’.
Identification of talented or gifted as early as possible.
Substantiating identification by the use of objective assessment measures were appropriate.
Meeting pupils needs with a range of appropriate strategies.
Raising staff awareness of the range of strategies available to them.
Create a climate of learning throughout the school.
Working in partnership with parents /carers to help them promote children’s learning and development.
Making use of the wider community to enhance learning opportunities.
Continuing to support all children.

We believe that provision is generally most effective when it is made within the classroom, through a stimulating, differentiated curriculum. We also recognise that that in some cases, particularly with students talented in physical education and sport, that we need to work with eternal partners to meet their needs.

We work closely with our neighbouring schools through South Cheshire College to provide a variety of stimulating and testing experiences for our students. We are involved in a number of Challenge workshops in the realms of debating law, making films and drama to develop performance. The Bloodhound S.C.C. Project through Science, Maths and Technology gives us participation at a local level for a National Initiative that has had national television coverage.

In sporting circles we have students involved in the complete range of activities throughout the year. To name a few in giving a flavour of our links we have students attending local Professional Football Academies, Gymnasts achieving and progressing within competition through affiliated clubs.

We strive to offer opportunities to ensure all students are stretched and challenged.

The aim of the “G&T” programme is to ensure that our most able students can excel. Provision is built into the curriculum and pastoral work that we do.