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Summer term in the Library got off to a great start with the addition of sixty new fiction books featuring a range of genres.

New titles include novels by popular authors Sue Limb, John Green, Darren Shaw, Sally Green among others and the eagerly anticipated final instalment of the critically acclaimed ‘Mortally Instruments’ series by Cassandra Clare.

A further twelve novels, translated into Polish, have been purchased for our flourishing EAL section including ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy and three titles by Jacqueline Wilson.

Latest Book Review

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

This is the first of an award-winning series by American author Trenton Lee Stewart. Having answered an intriguing newspaper advertisement, dozens of children enroll to take a sequence of mysterious mind-bending tests (which you, the reader, can also participate in)! However, only four succeed and having been formed into ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’, they are recruited for a top-secret, undercover mission where the only rule is that there are no rules…

An exciting and at times breath-taking adventure. Well-written and highly recommended. Will appeal to fans of Harry Potter and Roald Dahl stories.

Everyone is welcome in the Library which is well stocked with a wide range of fiction and non- fiction books provided by the Education Library Service. In addition, new releases and eagerly awaited titles are purchased regularly to keep the shelves up to date!

Students may visit the Library during their social time, in groups from lesson or as part of a class. There are also three after-school homework sessions each week. KS3 students have a designated Library lesson, once a fortnight, as part of the English curriculum.

The Library is also an important hub for our EAL students and we have a flourishing section of popular novels translated into other languages as well as games and different activities to help students settle in. We recognise the importance of encouraging students who are learning English to continue reading in their own language to enable personal development.

A bank of computers is available in the Library, for independent study. The computers are also used to support the Accelerated Reader Programme which is an important feature of Ruskin’s Literacy policy. Accelerated Reader is used widely by schools across the U.K. as it fosters independent reading and monitors progress in both reading and comprehension. Encouraging reading for pleasure, each KS3 student is allocated an individual ‘reading range’ which is designed to challenge but not frustrate. To ensure that a student has not only enjoyed a book but also understood the content, progress can be observed through quizzes and other activities.

The Library is managed by Mrs Hamilton who is also a member of the English Department.

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