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Careers Education and Guidance

Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) has an absolutely essential role to play in preparing students for the choices, changes and transitions they will encounter as they become adults.

Through effective CEG, our students can explore and understand the world of work, consider their own values and attitudes and learn strategies to cope with the changing demands and expectations, in order that they can realise their full potential. The 2011 Education Act puts a statutory duty on schools to provide careers education and impartial information and advice which promotes the best interest of the individual student.

Ruskin Community High School recognises this duty towards young people and careers provision has been developed accordingly. Furthermore provision is planned around the framework of delivery laid out in the 2009 Statutory Guidance on Impartial Careers Education.

Careers Advice at Ruskin

All students are entitled to receive impartial information, advice and guidance to help them make appropriate pathway and career choices as they progress through their school life.

Ruskin employs an impartial Careers Advisor, who is available on two days per week and students in the upper school are entitled to careers interviews and guidance.

Our Careers Advisor, organises the annual work experience programme for Year 10 students in July. On a very regular basis, often weekly, organises visits, talks and input from a range of Further Education and work providers. In addition, our school is part of the Crewe Youth Employment initiative, where students are selected to work alongside high performing companies to develop their employability skills.

We offer support and advice to students making subject choices and can also assist with information on long term career aims.

There is a Careers Library section in the School Library, where students are welcome to browse for further information on careers and the world of work. College, Sixth Form and training provider prospectuses are also kept here.

To book a Careers interview students can:

– see the school office

In addition, often staff will request careers interviews for individual students following the regular morning mentoring meetings that all students receive. These mentoring meetings take place immediately after the release of ‘short’ and ‘long’ school reports.

Visit these great resources for careers information, advice and guidance: