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Caterlink is delighted to be working in partnership with Ruskin Community High School and we would like to tell you about us and our catering services.
We love food and hope you will love what we provide for you at your school.
We embrace natural ingredients, love seasonal produce, and develop ethical trading with many of our suppliers. Our meat, fruit & vegetables and bakery is all sourced from suppliers as near to the school as we can. Our menu meets the SILVER Food for Life Standard.
Our menus are refreshed every term to ensure we reflect the changing seasons and trends from the high street. 95% of all our food is freshly prepared from scratch on-site by our team, so if you have a fantastic recipe you would like us to consider, come and talk to us at any time you visit the facilities.
Look out for our special offers and promotions throughout the year! We are also proud to say all our meals are nutritionally compliant to the Government Standards for Food
Served in Schools.


Proposed increase in tariffs letter 2022


Summer Term 2022 – Week 1 Menu

Summer Term 2022 – Week 2 Menu

Summer Term 2022 – Week 3 Menu

  • w/c 18th April
  • w/c 9th May
  • w/c 6th June
  • w/c 27th June
  • w/c 18th July
  • w/c 25th April
  • w/c 16th May
  • w/c 13th June
  • w/c 4th July
  • w/c 2nd May
  • w/c 23rd May
  • w/c 20th June
  • w/c 11th July

The Price is Right

We believe in keeping prices as low as we possibly can so always ask about our meal deals and loyalty schemes to ensure you get the best value you can for your school meals……all our meal deals are £2.40 for 2 courses and look out for our termly promotions and special offers!
Available daily in the dining room will be our core menu with meat and vegetarian choices; pasta, jackets, salads and homemade soup. Once a week we will offer one our great food concept Mexican Kitchen, Quirky bird and Mac and Cheese. 
We do lots of our grab n go offer in half sizes so why not try our deal – just choose any 4 of the items labelled for the school meal deal price of £2.40; all available from Break time.
At lunchtime, we also have a great range of hot snacks and street food served in pots.

5 Key Facts about our SILVER Menu

1. The standard is 75% but at least 95% of our food will be freshly prepared on-site by our team.
2. We can trace all our meat back to the farm at which it was reared.
3. No fish served is on the MSC fish to avoid list.
4. 5% of the ingredients we use are organic.
5. All our chicken and eggs are RSPCA Certified Freedom Foods.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact our friendly team. The manager will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. If you would rather not talk then simply fill in one of our comment cards or drop us an e-mail. Our e-mail address is