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What is the Purpose
of The House System?

The house system is a way that students and staff can feel more connected to and involved with the community around them. It facilitates discussions between the most junior and most senior of school and fostering friendly competitive spirit along the way. The house system will also provide opportunities to develop global citizens that strive to make positive contributions towards their school community and wider world. The House system will allow for the promotion of student’s responsibility, “giving pupils the chance to learn and develop leadership skills is an outstanding benefit” (Tongue, 2016).
As was seen in a study between engagement and performance the sense of belonging provided by house membership, and the opportunity to enter into competitions with your peers can have numerous academic benefits as well as the social-emotional (Lee, 2014). Those who feel comfortable and supported enough to participate in House events are more likely to feel able to commit themselves fully to academia.

The House System will provide opportunities for students to develop the following;


Allowing students to feel they can advocate for their houses including links to the school community, the wider world with links to national or local charities. The house system will also allow new students to feel supported by their peers. “Ensuring students feel comfortable in their new surroundings and making them feel part of their new environment as quickly as possible” (Garner, 2008). 


The main strengths of the House system is giving students of all ages the opportunity to work together, creating a truly cohesive environment and ensuring that age is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration. This reflects the life that we are preparing our students for future beyond Ruskin Community High School, interacting with students, staff and the wider community to uphold our values.


Providing students with inclusive opportunities of all learning types and interests. Half-termly inter-house competitions including a wide range of activities driving students to improve, developing a positive ethos and culture where students also learn how to fail or lose with dignity.


The house system will provide additional leadership opportunities for both staff and students, allowing them to develop their leadership capacity across the school community. House masters/mistresses and captains will be responsible for developing a house ethos and culture amongst staff and students. They will lead by example and uphold our Ruskin Community High School core values managing expectations in their houses.

House Structure