Attendance is a key component to your child’s success

The Pastoral Team are:

Mrs C Harrison

Deputy Headteacher

(including Designated Safeguarding Lead and Senior Mental Health Lead)

Mrs N Burke

Assistant Headteacher

Mr E Ledwards

Year 7 Achievement Manager

Mr A Gregory

Year 8 Achievement Manager

Mr S Hartley

Year 9 Achievement Manager and Inclusion Centre Manager

Miss C Grinnell

Year 10 Achievement Manager

Mrs J Managh

Year 11 Achievement Manager

Mrs N Cross


Mr M Vitalis

Student Behaviour, Attendance and Welfare

(including Designated Safeguarding Lead and behaviour mentor)

Miss A Lander

Education Family Support Worker

(including Trauma Informed Support and behavior mentor)

Mrs L Halfpenny

Education Family Support Worker

Miss T Daly

Behaviour Mentor

All students have an assembly each week from their Year Achievement Manager, all with clear messages and expectations for students, and also celebrations of achievements throughout the term.