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Core Knowledge
and being a Ruskin Learning Ready Student


A Ruskin Learning Ready student is respectful towards peers, teachers, support staff and visitors. Within our diverse school community, they demonstrate kindness and tolerance. They show self-respect by striving to be the best they can be and by being organised and prepared to learn.

High Aspirations

A Ruskin Learning Ready student is ambitious both inside and outside of the classroom. They love to learn and appreciate all of the opportunities offered to them. Because of their high aspirations, they strive to be the best that they can be.


A Ruskin Learning Ready student is confident in their abilities and strengths. They are not afraid to make mistakes and will ask questions. They take an active role in their learning and demonstrate independence.

Core Knowledge Questions

At Ruskin Community High School our aim is to provide an ambitious curriculum for all of our students. This curriculum will provide our students with powerful knowledge. This knowledge is encapsulated with our Core Knowledge Questions.

At the start of every term, all students will be given a booklet with the Core Knowledge Questions that they will need to be able to answer. These questions will be used by teachers as part of students’ learning, recall and assessment.

Alongside the work done in the classroom, we encourage all students to work independently on their Core Knowledge Questions.

Please contact your child’s class teacher or form tutor if you have any questions about the Core Knowledge Questions.

Independent Learning at Ruskin

Independent Learning is all about helping students to build on the knowledge that they learn in class so that they know more, remember more, and can do more. This means they will experience lasting changes in their long-term memory, and develop a deep understanding of what they cover in class.

When students have truly learnt something, they can:

  • Remember it later
  • Understand how it connects to other things they know
  • Explain it in detail
  • Apply it to different situations

Quiz It, Map It, Link It is a structured programme of independent learning and revision activities that will help you to do all of the above. By using their Core Knowledge Questions Booklet in multiple different ways, students will go from simply memorising the facts, to really understanding them, and being able to use the knowledge much more confidently and effectively.

We want students to feel confident with the new knowledge that they acquire and they should feel assured about how best to learn this new knowledge. The Core Knowledge Questions Booklet and Quiz It, Map It, Link It will help with this.
We want our students to be the best that you can be and to “think big” for themselves. By using your Core Knowledge Questions Booklet and Quiz It, Map It, Link It, they will demonstrate a positive attitude to learning, and also push yourself to reach their goals.
We want all students to have self-respect and understand the importance of working independently. Completing Quiz It, Map It, Link It activities highlights their ability to recognise your strengths and also areas for development.

Summer Core Knowledge Booklets

Spring Core Knowledge Booklets

Autumn Core Knowledge Booklets