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Keeping your child safe online

Do you ever feel that your children know more about online technologies than you do?  You are not alone.  Everyone uses the internet and online technologies to stay connected.  It is a great way to explore, socialise, learn and play.  These technologies create huge opportunities for everyone, but can be overwhelming and present challenges to keeping children safe online.

It may feel daunting, but you don’t need to be an expert.  It is important for parents/carers to understand what students do online and what risks they face.  These is a wealth of advice and support available online for everyone.  Some of these links are highlighted below:

Useful links for Parents / Carers:
Keeping children safe online | NSPCC

Inappropriate or explicit content | NSPCC

Child Law Advice provides guidance for parents if your child has been involved with sexting Sexting –
Sharing Nudes and Semi Nudes

Guide to Social networks can be found at:

Useful links for students for advice on E-Safety: