Attendance is a key component to your child’s success

Whole School Intent

All areas of Ruskin Community High School are centred around the core values of Respect, High Aspirations and Confidence.

We provide opportunities for our students to develop as respectful, confident, successful learners with high aspirations and resilience. Across all curriculum areas, we ensure that new knowledge builds on previous learning, and provide support, challenge and success for all. In preparation for their life outside of school, the opportunities available to students, both inside and outside of the classroom, empower our young people to maximise their academic abilities, discover their talents and develop their wider skills.


  • Our students demonstrate respect, kindness and tolerance of people from all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.
  • All areas of our school life are designed to educate, celebrate and appreciate our diverse school community and beyond.
  • By promoting independence, we empower our students to build high levels of self-respect, allowing them to recognise and value their own strengths.

High Aspirations

  • Through embedding careers and work-related learning, we promote a value of education and an understanding of its context for our students’ futures both in a local and national context.
  • We want our students to demonstrate ambition, adaptability and resilience in all aspects of life.
  • We encourage students to be the best that they can be and offers students a multitude of opportunities to maximise their potential.


  • Through all of our lessons, we facilitate students to retain deep knowledge and understanding, thus enhancing students’ confidence in their own abilities.
  • We consistently provide support to develop our students into confident communicators and readers.
  • Our students are encouraged to be inquisitive, confident learners who value and are actively involved in their education and development.

We are a Community

Within our caring and supportive learning environment, we focus on building strong relationships between staff and students, meaning that all students thrive and develop, both inside and outside of the classroom.