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Other Activities

Throughout the Year we are running different other themed activities and get students involved:

Eric stands for “Everyone Reading in Class” This is a literacy based initiative that is an established part of our school routine. Students and staff bring in books and are encouraged to read for pleasure.

MIC Days
“Mic” stands for “Maths in Class”. At keypoints the whole school has a focus on numeracy related activities led by form tutors.

Each week we also focus on a different literacy objective with workshops, activities and presentations available to all students.

National Enterprise Day

On Monday 29 June Ruskin High welcomed the National Enterprise Challenge for the first time. The whole of year 7 and 8 were off time table for the day to take part in this excellent learning opportunity, where they had to design, cost and promote the ‘Ultimate school bag’ for the leather satchel company to be sold via Rymans owned by Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den). As a new teacher I was incredibly impressed and proud of how the student’s represented themselves and the school, they were 100% engaged from the start and throughout the day. Their behaviour was outstanding and every group produced a feasible product idea. The winning group are now working non-stop to improve their idea and finish their pitch ready for the finals day at Alton Towers on Wednesday 8 July. I would just like to say a huge well done to all year 7 and 8 students and specifically the winning group: Fahmid Haque, Rebecca Jennings, Liwia Kuznik, Alice Harris and Wiktoria Jurak.

Quotes from students…

“We had the time of our life, it was really fun and we learnt a lot about business. You could also start your own business and feel like an adult”.

“The National Enterprise Challenge was a good experience and it can teach you a lot of skills such as how to lead your business”.

“This challenge helps you to work in a group with people you don’t necessarily like or get along with. It will improve your teamwork skills”.

Ruskin hope to take part in the event next year and are looking for a business sponsor in order for this to happen, if you would like to discuss this further please contact Mrs Neal-Squire at the school.